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MASI is proud to offer and install products from  these,
and other, fine manufacturers:

Rheem Toto Rinnai
Burnham Aprilaire Unico
Moen American Standard
Viessmann Goulds Pumps
Sterling Kohler


The Splash Bath Showrooms and MASI Plumbing Philosophy

We’re different from big box stores, boutique bath showrooms, and even other plumbing companies, because we strive to be the BEST™. It’s a difference we hope you will notice right away, because it can save you time, aggravation
and money.

First and foremost, we’re plumbers. We know the codes, how things fit together and how they’re supposed to work. We also have the experience to know which products will work correctly in your situation.

Take bath remodeling, as an example. Because we’ve been in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business for nearly 50 years, and have always been up on trends and technology, we have expertise you are very unlikely to
find elsewhere.

Starting in our showrooms, we’re going to ask questions about your needs, desires, and the current state of your bathroom(s) and plumbing. We’ll probably ask some questions you don’t know the answers to, but don’t worry…

  • We’ll show you fixtures that fit your style and budget. We offer fixtures in every price range and from many manufacturers, not just one or two. You’ll appreciate the extensive selection we display, our expertise, and our ability to respond to you with budgeted prices, usually within twenty-four hours or less.
  • We’ll come to your home and take measurements. We do that to make sure the fixtures you want will fit. But we also note the location of bearing walls, heating pipes, ductwork, drain lines, water lines, and electrical, to make sure your remodel can be done, and goes smoothly.
  • We’ll analyze your plumbing infrastructure. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard about multiple shower heads that didn’t get enough flow to work properly; hot water running out before a whirlpool tub was full; improper venting; and a host of other horror stories. We make sure your fixtures will work the way they should.
  • We’ll design your bath for you. Sure, other showrooms say they’ll do that, too. But if they don’t do those other steps, their “design” is just a drawing scribbled on paper. We don’t know of anyone else who can do both those critical steps. At MASI and Splash, you get a plan that will work – at no additional cost if you decide to purchase your fixtures from us, fairly priced if you take the plans elsewhere.
  • We’ll do the whole job. Our remodeling/installation crews are selected for their proficiency in all facets of bath remodeling. Having workers who are skilled in plumbing, carpentry, drywall and tiling reduces down time and allows us to finish your job without delays, at the agreed-upon price.

Given the outstanding knowledge and service we deliver for what is usually the most-difficult job in your home, you can be sure that things like replacing a water heater or upgrading your heating or air conditioning system will be done right, on time and at a fair price.

Splash and MASI are your BEST™ choices for bath remodeling and
any residential  plumbing, heating or air conditioning need!