The latest technological advancements have led to a generation of thermostats that deliver tremendous benefits to homeowners.

Upgrading to a WiFi thermostat trims energy costs, improves comfort, helps you take better care of the heating and cooling system, and offers all sorts of time-saving conveniences. To learn more about the different models and features and determine the right choice for your home, contact MASI Plumbing, Heating & A/C at (603) 889-2331. We offer thermostats from trusted brands like Honeywell, Nest, and ecobee. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, provide customized recommendations, and handle proper installation and setup anywhere in Southern New Hampshire.

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According to the EPA Energy Star Program, you stand to save $180 every year with the installation of a smart thermostat. These user-friendly controls pay for themselves very quickly. Plus, the exceptional energy efficiency comes without sacrificing comfort. The thermostat caters to your schedule, conserving energy while you’re away or asleep, and welcoming you home to ideal temperature. There’s no need to remember to make adjustments. Should your plans change, you can easily make an adjustment through an app on your smartphone from virtually anywhere.

Call on MASI Plumbing, Heating & A/C for WiFi thermostat installations you can count on!

Family owned and operated, MASI Plumbing, Heating & A/C makes sure you take advantage of the latest, greatest, and most reliable options on the market. We provide free estimates, flat rate pricing, and timely completion of all projects. We offer brands, expertise, and service you can trust, anywhere across Nashua, Milford, Amherst, Hudson, & Merrimack, NH.

Some of the many benefits of installing a WiFi thermostat include:

Eliminate human error

The thermostat automatically caters to your schedule, so you no longer need to remember to make adjustments to conserve energy.

Monitor the home

The companion app allows you to check in on the heating and cooling system whether you’re on the premises or away.

Remote temperature adjustment

If you’ve got your smartphone, computer, or tablet handy, you can control the thermostat.

Helpful alerts

Emailed notifications let you know if there’s a power outage or temperature fluctuation beyond your predetermined range.

Cost savings

Allowing the smart thermostat to handle indoor climate control effectively trims monthly costs.

User-friendly programming

Touchscreen interfaces and companion apps are designed for ease-of-management.

Track energy usage

Easy-to-read monthly reports allow you to analyze household energy consumption and make improvements.

Vacation mode

You can set up a temporary vacation program without affecting your existing settings.

Reduce carbon footprint

Smart thermostats automatically make adjustments to minimize energy waste and impact on the environment.

Monitor outdoor conditions

Outdoor sensors provide accurate readings of temperature and humidity levels.

Improve indoor comfort

Not only does the thermostat welcome you home to ideal temperature but monitoring indoor humidity levels promotes superior comfort.

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Paula L.

Came home to my central a/c not working. After checking a few things, I called Masi Plumbing, based off of consumer reviews here. The person who answered the phone was accommodating to my needs and had a service person here super promptly! The service person was very friendly, highly informative and fixed the issue promptly- and not at a high cost either! Will def be calling them for our needs again, and referring them as well. Thanks a million Masi Plumbing!

Susan C.

My pipes froze and burst on a Sunday evening. I called several plumbers who would not give me the time of day. MASI Plumbing to the rescue! They sent a plumber (Nick) out immediately who was able to repair the broken pipes that evening, even though though he had already worked all day! A huge thank you! I highly recommend MASI Plumbing and will be using them exclusively in the future.

Christine C.

Bought a new boiler system from them this year and they gave us the most comprehensive quote for the right work (pointed out the need for fresh air and a new oil line which we knew were needed) at a good price. Unfortunately one of our parts in the system failed, but they had it replaced and our system up and running within 2 hours, and covered under warranty, so no cost to us. They have always been very friendly, down to earth, but professional. Great to work with!