On July 9th Masi received an emergency call from Law offices of Clancy & O’Neill, 53 E Pearl St, Nashua, NH. Martha O’Neill explained that her basement sewage line was backed up and flooding the basement. Masi arrived promptly (with-in a half hour) to assess the damage. After a battle to contain the flooding, lines capped and plugged, it was time to investigate….

After, with the help of All Drains Inc. it was discovered there was a clog located out in the street. After the drains were dug up (TDD Earth Works) under E Pearl st. Masi replaced with a new sewer pipe and the problem was resolved.

Special thanks to our foreman Matt Trombley, as well as, Troy Wollcot for containing the leak on the 9th. Playing around in 3 feet of sewage water, does not make for an ideal Friday! Unless you’re a Masi employee!!

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Paula L.

Came home to my central a/c not working. After checking a few things, I called Masi Plumbing, based off of consumer reviews here. The person who answered the phone was accommodating to my needs and had a service person here super promptly! The service person was very friendly, highly informative and fixed the issue promptly- and not at a high cost either! Will def be calling them for our needs again, and referring them as well. Thanks a million Masi Plumbing!

Susan C.

My pipes froze and burst on a Sunday evening. I called several plumbers who would not give me the time of day. MASI Plumbing to the rescue! They sent a plumber (Nick) out immediately who was able to repair the broken pipes that evening, even though though he had already worked all day! A huge thank you! I highly recommend MASI Plumbing and will be using them exclusively in the future.

Christine C.

Bought a new boiler system from them this year and they gave us the most comprehensive quote for the right work (pointed out the need for fresh air and a new oil line which we knew were needed) at a good price. Unfortunately one of our parts in the system failed, but they had it replaced and our system up and running within 2 hours, and covered under warranty, so no cost to us. They have always been very friendly, down to earth, but professional. Great to work with!